Hora Eco GS 200 Classical Guitar, a review

This post is a bit atypical for this blog, and I’m writing it because I found no information on this classical guitar on the Internet, or at least not in the English language, and I think this guitar needs to be known more.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Hora and I’m not receiving money for writing this review.


A global look

It’s a pleasure to practice using this guitar. The keyboard is really comfortable and the sound is enchanting and well balanced. The tone is a bit different from the one from a classical Spanish guitar but really tasteful and fascinating.

As you can see from the photo, you may find the guitar is a bit unusual, specially if you are used to cedar tops with shiny varnishes. This is a characteristic of the Eco line of guitars, which are varnished using an ecologic lacquer, but you can also see that line of varnishes in the Alhambra 0 Nature.

Don’t let the look scare you: this guitar is actually made from solid wood and it sounds good. The instrument has a nice and warm sound, and it comes from the factory with D’Addario Pro Arté EJ 45 strings (normal tension). You can install other strings, if you want to, but you should pay attention if you install high tension strings. Just don’t leave the guitar in tune for long time, as the neck may bend. The same advice applies to all guitars.

In my guitar I installed the D’Addario Pro Aré EJ 43 strings (light tension), and since the action on this guitar is well tuned, I have a really comfortable keyboard.

I bought the guitar directly from the factory, and they sent me an instrument made the day before the delivery process started. When the guitar arrived, it took one full week for the sound to mature: the strings and the guitar were just too young to make considerations. After one week I really liked the sound.

The delivery process was really smooth and fast.

Details – the top


The top is made of solid spruce.

The back and the sides


The back is made of solid cherry. As you can see from the photo, the result is a really bright back, but I think that the texture is really good-looking, at least for my taste.

The neck and the keyboard



The neck is made of maple and the keyboard is made of acacia: this may seem strange in a world dominated by ebony keyboards but, in my humble opinion, the keyboard is really comfortable. It’s also really good looking.

The keyboard is not painted but it’s chemically treated.

The action is just OK.

There is a strange thing, that can be annoying: the frets ends at B-flat instead of ending in B. When you are studying scales you must account that.

The sound

This guitar has a warm and consistent sound. The basses are profound but the trebles are present. As with every new guitar, you must leave enough time for the wood to get used to your humidity.

Nevertheless the unusual varnish used on this guitar, this seems not to influence the sound.

I attach here two unedited example.

Conclusions, pro and cons

I’m really happy with this guitar, and I that Hora needs to be known more by us guitarists. After all this is a good quality student instrument, at a street price of circa 170 euro.

You can find more information about this guitar in the official page.

  • Pro: the good sound
  • Pro: it is made of solid woods
  • Con: the neck ends with B-flat instead of B


  • 17 October 2016: the fingerboard is actually made of acacia and it’s not painted but chemically treated. Fixed the description
Hora Eco GS 200 Classical Guitar, a review

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